Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day Faith-Driven Challenge!

"Begin Your Exciting Journey of Financial Transformation Using Simple Biblical Strategies to Create Generational Wealth!"

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Is The 'Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day
Faith-Driven Challenge'...

For Me And My Future...??

YES! The 'Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day Faith-Driven Challenge'
is Especially for You IF...

  • You are single, a single mom, stay at home mom, married, housewife, currently employed or even retired!
  • You currently work part or full-time without plans of a better financial tomorrow!
  • You believe you are living in lack or have an unhealthy fear of finances!
  • You are unsure how you could ever afford to invest in anything, especially expensive real estate!
  • You focus on debt more than you focus on creating income because frankly, "You just don't know how!"
  • You would love to pursue your passion but don't believe you can "afford" to do so!
  • You falsely believe you need a real estate license, experience or capital to invest!
  • You know nothing about real estate investing yet have always had a desire to do it!
  • You believe that "it" is not possible for you!

Sign Up Today...

...and I will show you step-by-step, how to align with His truth for your finances, how to better steward what's in your house, a new approach to breaking the bondage of debt, an eye-opening mindset shift that promises to impact your perception of income & expenses, how to include your favorite people in the process,
I'll share biblical strategies to support all of it, while using real estate as the vehicle to get there, even if you know nothing about real estate right now! AND...as soon as you join, you'll be welcomed into our Private FB group & begin to receive value right NOW!

Jim Rohn


From: Sharon Restrepo 

Dear Daughter of the King,

I am thrilled to be leading this life-changing 7-Day Challenge for my sisters-in-Christ who share an interest in pursuing their destinies.

So often many of us carry false beliefs that limit God's work in our lives and since we make our decisions based on what we believe, we may miss out on what "could or should have been."

I have a passion to teach His Daughters how to live according to His truth. If you already know me, you know that I'm a "Woman at War" - one who uses scripture to pray and contend for His promises.

It's from this biblical perspective that I have improved my own life and many others. I cannot wait to share testimony of His truth in my life and how you can use the same exact truth for yourselves, your family, your career, relationships and yes, even your finances.

The bible teaches that "money solves all things" and although it doesn't get us into Heaven, it does make it possible for ministries to make an impact when we have more than enough to sow into His Kingdom and help those we are passionate to help.

You may already know exactly what you would do and who you want to impact "when" those finances arrive but may be wondering how. I'd love the opportunity to provide wisdom and direction.

I believe my 7-Day Challenge will positively change your life. 

I promise to expose false beliefs, share real estate investment strategies you absolutely CAN apply, and help you begin the journey to increase your financial wisdom so you can create generational wealth, leave an inheritance for your children, impact His Kingdom on earth, and improve the life you and your loved ones are living today.

If this sounds like the thing you've been waiting for, then please register, mark your calendar and meet me there!

P.S. You also get my Free book, "New Wine, Women & Wealth," in addition to value packed worksheets.

P.P.S. Note that when you enroll, you can begin your 7-Day Challenge Training immediately! Because this entire course was recorded live and made available for replay so you can benefit too, including all downloadable worksheets, there's NO delay! Once you register, you gain immediate access to begin transforming your life and finances!

Join Sharon's:

Women's Wisdom & Wealth
7-Day Faith-Driven Challenge

When you say “Yes” to the 7-Day Challenge Today, I’ll Show you how to easily apply His truth for wisdom in finances and begin your journey of creating generational wealth using real estate as the vehicle to get there, even if you have ZERO experience!

You'll even get valuable worksheets & homework to help you stay the course & digest the material!

Here's What You Can Expect From the Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day Faith-Driven Challenge:

Day 1: Jump Start Your Financial Impact Journey...

On day one of the Women's 7-Day Challenge, I will show you:

  • How I apply Biblical truth to my life and business so you can implement the same strategies and achieve success too.
  • The most common roadblocks to breakthrough so you can quickly recognize what to avoid.
  • The Truth about generational wealth and how a simple shift toward long-term goals can change everything.
  • How to find your WHY so that you can define your goals and recognize what must improve in order to reach them.
  • How to shift from spending to investing each time finances leave your wallet.

Day 2: Riches in the Niches...

On day two, I will share:

  • Creative real estate investment niches and how to implement them even if you have no experience at all.
  • You don't need a real estate license to invest no matter where you are in the United States.
  • The Truth about investing and the false beliefs that have kept you from investing until now.
  • How to start investing with what is in your house.

Day 3 - July 10, 2023

The Proverbs 31 Woman...

On day three, I will teach you:

  • How to Identify what is in your house that you never realized was an asset so you can put it to work and watch it multiply.
  • The Proverbs 31 woman's approach to life and business so you are blessed with her wisdom and reputation.
  • How to include your family & loved ones in the journey so you can train up your children in the way they should go.
  • ​To Create your WELLs that will bubble up and overflow into your life so you can begin to fulfill your dreams.
  • How the Impossible IS possible with God when we co-labor with Him as we put our hands to the plow.

Day 4 - July 11, 2023

His Truth on the Matter...

On day four, I will introduce:

  • How to redeem your time so you improve the life for yourself and your loved ones today and generationally.
  • Find your tribe so you can eliminate the excuses that have prevented you from taking charge of your finances before now.
  • The truth about His finances from a biblical perspective and how to discern spiritual hindrances from natural issues.
  • How to Go to War to for your promises - learn to put the roadblocks under your feet.

Day 5 - July 12, 2023

Tools & Strategies to Stay the Course...

On day five, you will learn:

  • How to use the Investor Tool that reveals the future - imagine knowing which investment strategy to apply next to earn the most profit or avoid loss.
  • How to track the real estate market so you know what's happening even if you're not a licensed agent.
  • Where to find the Team of folks willing to help you free of charge so you can start creating generational wealth today.
  • Why you will never go back to doing "things" the old way because now you know the truth and how to apply it to everything in your life.

Day 6 - July 13, 2023

Map The Coordinates in Your Financial Impact Journey...

On day six, you will hear:

  • Detailed case studies of live real estate transactions so you can glean the tips to implement the same strategies in your own life & business.
  • What makes a deal a deal and how to make a decision with confidence.
  • Pinpoint the "You are Here" dot on your financial impact journey map so you know what to do and where to go next.
  • Define your Treasure so you recognize it when you find it and avoid missing the next profitable opportunity.

Day 7 - July 14, 2023

Get Equipped to Stay the Course...

On day seven, you will have:

  • Realized IT is possible because you do have what you need to stay the course and fulfill His purpose in your life and business.
  • Received His equipping. You are anointed for your assignment, abundantly supplied and lacking no good thing.
  • Received your map and routed your destination on your financial impact journey so you can create generational wealth.
  • Realized you can create a retirement plan that gets you there sooner than anticipated.

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Your Host During The

Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day
Faith-Driven Challenge

Sharon Restrepo

Sharon Restrepo is a wife, mother and friend, as well as business and ministry leader, published author, national speaker, RE broker and investor.
She shares from her unique experience as a Kingdom-minded 25+ year real estate investment veteran.
Sharon attributes her success to applying her faith in using biblical strategies to life and business.
It's from this core value that she is able to empower others with wisdom to do the same.

Your Chance To Achieve The Freedom
You've Always Wanted Is Right Now...

...Will You Take It?

What Others Are Saying About

Sharon's Training & Expertise!

“When I first arrived in this country 15 years ago from Poland, I couldn't have imagined that my path would cross with Sharon Restrepo, let alone that she would play a pivotal role in my success as a real estate professional.
At the time, I had no prior knowledge of the industry, but I discovered it through reading her books and enrolling in her courses.

Today, I'm proud to have completed over 40 flips as a real estate investor & to be involved with the most prestigious real estate brokerage in the country, selling multi million-dollar properties.

Throughout this journey, Sharon has been a constant source of honest guidance and selfless support. Her biblical knowledge and strategies never cease to impress me and give me the confidence to trust her advice.”


“I have worked under Sharon’s mentorship for years and love the fact she’s a woman of faith who leads by example. I believe this is His daughter’s time to step into their destiny and I’m super excited about the opportunity to join my sisters in Christ in this financially-centered mastermind with real estate as the vehicle.

Sharon was instrumental in the deal I got on my own home/investment condo that I bought at a discount and renovated myself. I recommend any course Sharon offers!”


“As a real estate professional myself, I want to share that I have personally known Sharon for over 15 years, both personally and professionally, and can honesty say she is the type of person who was born to teach! Her wisdom is evident to anyone blessed with the opportunity to do business with her.

If you are looking for someone to learn from, then look no further. It’s important to have access to someone who prays with and for you, knows the Word of God and possesses a wealth of knowledge in real estate investing!”


Ready To Finally Get the Wisdom for Wealth empowerment You've Always Desired?

What You Can Expect From The
'Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day
Faith-Driven Challenge'!

BEFORE the Challenge:

  • Stressed or Worried: Hoping instead of confident I'm making the best financial decisions!
  • Unsure How to Invest: Love the idea of "business" or "real estate" but falsely believe it's impossible!
  • Credit or Capital Challenged:  You mean it's possible for someone in my situation to start creating generational wealth?

AFTER the Challenge

  • Financial Wisdom: Wow, it was easier than I thought to begin impacting my financial future!
  • Empowered: I had no idea these legal & creative investing strategies existed AND I don't need a real estate license or experience!
  • What's in Your House: I already have what I need - I just didn't realize it until now!

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The

'Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day
Faith-Driven Challenge' Today!

  • FREE! 7 days of life changing honest biblical truth, unique real estate education and the simple tools to use that will open your eyes to what is really possible for those willing to apply what they learn! ($7,000 Value)
  • FREE! Immediate access to our private 'Women's 7-Day Challenge' Facebook group, where you will begin receiving value right now, with advice, the opportunity to make connections, learn from Sharon's LIVE posts, access valuable homework handouts, prayers & receive add'l support during the challenge too! (PRICELESS!)
  • FREE! The single greatest Wisdom & Wealth improvement lessons you will receive – helping you begin your confident journey of creating generational wealth, 10X faster! (PRICELESS!)

Normally discounted to: $7,000.00

Today's Price: Only $17!


7-Day Virtual Event: "Women's Wisdom & Wealth 7-Day Faith-Driven Challenge"


July 6th - 14th, 2023 @ 12PM EST (77 minutes per challenge day is all it takes)


So you can finally make the financial impact you desire & improve your lifestyle along the way!

Now's The Time To Get Off The Sidelines And Get In The Game...

Join The 'Women's Wealth & Wisdom 7-Day
Faith-Driven Challenge' Today!





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Who is Sharon Restrepo?

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She is both humorous and encouraging as she teaches, mincing no words. Being brutally straightforward is both her weakness and her strength. Enjoy a breath of fresh air!

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